Music Promotion

Music Promotion

Are you an artists or DJ and have finished recording your single or album and ready to release?
Then Recording is only a start of your project, real work begins after you have produced your work. As the saying goes: “When a tree fall in the forest where there is no one to see or hear, will it make noise?” Definitely not, it does not matter how good is your project or song, if no one hears it, then it has been in vain embarking on your project, because the success of your project depends on people listening and hearing your music. Hence music promotion is the most important step in an artist or DJ’s career. Record labels invest in promotion to make sure that they get their return of investment, likewise for independent artist they should do so but in a cost effective way. House Of Nubia Soul offers promotional services for artists in a cost effective ways and also advise artists in ways in which they can make it in the music industry.

House Of Nubia Soul will advise and promote the product of the musicians and DJ’s including their brand strategy. Musicians & DJ’s shall not be signed under House Of Nubia Soul, but shall ONLY render a service to promote their end product to the market. The promotion Campaign shall include:

Worldwide Digital Distribution
Local Radio Plugin
Professional Artist Bio
Press Release
Music Video Plugin
Artwork & artist website designs

We help independent artists to promote their craft, using traditional channels, such as commercial and community radio stations nationwide, TV for music video submission and social media strategy marketing and promotions. Also get your finished product to major digital distributions such as iTunes, Amazon etc. We also assist in professional biography, Press Release and distribute to relevant media personnel as well as flyers, album/single artwork and artist website designs.

The promotion campaign aims for Airplay and interviews. The song shall be submitted to targeted radio stations nationwide and Generate Feedback and playlisting statistics from stations and full report.